Download Canon 60D Firmware Update File

If you own Canon 60D DSLR Camera, you may find that your current firmware is not up to date. This is the Canon 60D Firmware version 1.1.2. I have this camera and I had some serious problems with it. The focusing system seems not correct anymore after I change the motherboard. Everytime I want to take picture, the focus beep works well but when the I pressed the shutter, the picture/result is not focused. Its a bit blurry.

But actually, I don’e expected that this new firmware can fix my current issues on Canon 60D. In order to update your Canon 60D firmware, follow these instructions:

  1. Download Canon 60D firmware
  2. Make sure your camera battery fully charged
  3. Extract the firmware package and then copy the file: 60D00112.FIR to your SD Card root directory. Do not put this file inside a sub folder. The camera will not find it.
  4. Insert the SD Card to the camera. It is recommended to remove any lense and other accessories before upgrading the firmware.
  5. Rotate the dial mode to P.
  6. Turn the power ON
  7. Press the multi controller to select firmware Ver x.x.x.
    canon 60d firmware update.png
  8. The firmware update process will start. Wait until the process is completed. Do not turn off your camera during this update process.


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