Download eXtern OS ISO

eXtern OS is a brand new operating system developed by Anesu Chiodze, a student of RMIT University. This new OS is built with the power of JavaScript and NodeJS. Compared to any traditional operating systems, eXtern OS brings a redesigned user interface and user experiences. You will experience a new way of using your computer. Well, currently eXtern OS is still in Beta but you can download the ISO an try it to run on your computer.

extern os screenshot 1.png

eXtern OS comes with Audio and Video playback. But don’t be wrong, this is not an ordinary video player software. The modern look of the audio and video playback will give you a brand new user experiences you’ve never had before.

Ready to give it a try? Get eXtern OS ISO from the link we provided below.

eXtern OS ISO




  1. What is the password to download? I’d like to try this OS, but requiring a password is just nuts. Can you help?

  2. I would like to download and give it a try but a password is required. May i have a password to download.

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