Download FreeNAS 11.1 ISO

The new update for FreeNAS 11.1 is released few days ago. This new update brings many bug fixes and improvements. If you have FreeNAS 11 installed, you can easily update or upgrade to this new version by following this official guide. To read more details about what’s new on this release, please visit the change log page.

FreeNAS is a FreeBSD system designed for server. You can build a powerful server at home with FreeNAS. The new FreeNAS requires 64 bit CPU and RAM 8 GB minimum. To download the ISO, please use the link we provided at the end of this post.

freenas 11

I have been using FreeNAS for several years at home. I installed it on an old computer but it still performs very well. The web management UI is very intuitive and easy to use. You can learn the interface to manage FreeNAS in few minutes. The installation of FreeNAS also very straight forward.



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