Download iDrive 6.7.0 for Windows

This is the new version of iDrive backup software client for Windows. You can download iDrive using the link we provided at the end of this post. iDrive is a well known backup software since 1995. Its previously knwon as iBackup). iDrive is believed as the best cloud backup software out there.

iDrive Review

IDrive is a cloud-storage program with an application that does everything: It’s a cloud-storage space app, a backup-and-restore app, a file-syncing application and a file-sharing app. At the 2TB level of the subscription, this service supplies the best value per computer inside our review. In our tests, it recorded a few of the quickest upload and download speeds. And it’s one of the most protected and easy-to-use cloud storage applications available. Therefore, IDrive earns the very best Ten Testimonials Gold Award for greatest online cloud storage provider.

Download iDrive 6

We tested and evaluated 23 cloud-storage services for the best. We evaluated the subscription costs for a huge family with at least five computers, a small family members with at least three computer systems and an individual with just one single computer. Then we examined the upload and back-up speeds to measure the desktop app’s efficiency. Finally, we scrutinized the app’s simplicity. If the best cloud-storage service combines quality value with performance and a highly intuitive app, after that IDrive certainly matches the bill.

Among the features that differentiates IDrive from additional cloud-storage services is drive seeding and courier recovery, which is included once per year within the subscription. For those who have a whole lot of data that you want to upload to your account, the provider will send out you an external hard disk drive. You simply duplicate the info to the hard drive and send out it back. Conversely, if you want to download all your data, the assistance can send out you a difficult drive with all of your data. This is much faster than utilising the web. Other services give these features but at a substantial cost.

Download iDrive 6.7.0 for Windows

You can download iDrive 6.7.0 using the link below. It supports all Windows version.

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