Download Manjaro 15.12 Xfce ISO

The new version of Manjaro 15.12 Xfce is now available for download. This is the new stable version of Manjaro Linux with Xfce desktop environment. Manjaro is an Arch based Linux which is believed to be a reliable and powerful Linux distribution.

manjaro 15.12 xfce iso

Notable changes in our tools: kcm module of Manjaro-Settings got reworked; several enhancements to Pamac and Octopi; optimizations and fixes to Manjaro-Tools; a LVM issue was fixed within Thus. Package-wise we have following changes: KDE Apps got updated to 15.12, VirtualBox is now at 5.0.12, mesa is at 11.0.8, WINE at 1.8 and the kernel at 4.4-rc6. Bumblebee is now also fixed for OpenRC and small fixes went into our Samba share Thunar plugin. To round-up this update, you find here some additional packages. Some Linux 3xx kernels got updated, last-minute fixes for Plasma 5, haskell updates, renewed Deepin desktop 2015 and fixes to Firefox complete Manjaro 15.12.

Download Manjaro 15.12 Xfce ISO


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