Download Zorin OS 12.3 ISO

Zorin OS is a simple and beautiful Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. The new version of Zorin OS 12.3 is now available for download. Zorin OS 12.3 now integrates the new version of Wine. This will ensure many Windows applications to run smoothly on Zoin OS. Wine developers introduce new Direct3D 10 and 11 that has better supports to Windows games.

Zorin OS is available in several editions: Zorin OS Core, Zorin OS Lite and also Zorin OS Education. If you are Windows users and want to try Linux, Zorin OS is a good distribution to start. The user interface design is very simple and most Windows users will love it.

zorin os 12.3.png

There are a lot of interesting stuffs on Zorin OS 12.3. Download now and run it via Live USB or Virtual Machine if you don’t want to install it directly.



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