How to delete a partition using EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition

EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition is a useful tool to manage your partitions. It can read almost any kind of partitions including FAT32, NTFS, Ext3, Ext4 and some others. Here I will show you how to delete a partition on hard disk or flash disk using EaseUS Partition Master. I am using EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition version 10.5. You may grab this program for free from this link.

Steps to delete partition using EaseUS Partition Master

delete partition 1.png

As you can see, I have 2 disks connected to my PC. Actually, the Disk 2 (MBR) is a flash disk with 8 GB in size. Now, I wanted to delete partitions in the Disk number 2 and will recreate after.

To delete a partition, select or highlight the partition and then click Delete from the upper menu. Please be careful when doing this. Wrong partition you delete, you will lose your partition and all data in it.

delete partition 2.png

Click OK to confirm the deletion. In a moment, your disk layout will be updated. In my case, now I have one Unallocated partition on my Disk 2.

delete partition 3.png

At this point, EaseUS Partition Master did not delete the partition yet. Click Apply to permanently delete the partition and accept the new disk layout.

delete partition 4

Now, we may continue to the next step which is to format the new partition. This step is not necessary if you just want to delete the partition. Here I will show you how to re-create a partition and format it.

Steps to create new partition using EaseUS Partition Master

First, click the unallocated partition. Please follow the above steps if you need to. Then, click Create button.

create new partition easeus.png

Specify the file system and partition size, partition label and some other optional settings. Press OK when finished.

create new partition easeus 1.png

Press Apply to confirm. And the process will begin

create new partition easeus 2.png

In a moment (depend on the size of your partition), you should see your new partition is ready with the new file system.

create new partition easeus 3.png


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