Phoenix OS 1.1.2-226 is now available

The new version of Phoenix OS 1.1.2-226 is now available for download. Phoenix OS is a free Android Operating System that works on x86 platform. In other word, Phoenix OS is an Android OS for PC. We can run Android on our Laptop or PC with this Phoenix OS.

phoenix os 1.1.2.jpg

What’s new on Phoenix OS 1.1.2-226

  • Enable PAE option and can support up to 64 GB of RAM
  • Optimize the Audio Driver on SkyLake CPU. e.g. Intel Core i5 5xxx、Intel Core i5 6xxx;
  • Optimize sleep function;
  • Add the support of the mouse in games;
  • Update the kernel to 4.4.30;

For more information about the new feature of Phoenix OS 1.1.2, please visit:

Download details:


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