Folder Size 4.2.0 – Free Folder Size Scanner for Windows 10

Folder Size is a free software that can be used to scan and display file and folder size in your local disk or network. It is a good Windows utility software you should have. Usually, you can check the size of a folder by right-click on the folder and click Properties. You will see the size of that folder in the Properties window. But unfortunately, this method is not handy when it comes to multiple folders.

If you want to check the size of the multiple folders at once, you will need Folder Size. The new version of Folder Size 4.2.0 full version is now available for download.

Folder Size Features

  • Scan and display file and folder size
  • Display the information in a nice graphical view (bar chart or pie)
  • Supports both local disk and network drive
  • Capable to scan single or multiple locations at once
  • Display the actual size in MB, KB or GB. It also provides the usage percentage
  • Export chart to JPG file
  • Save project for future use
  • Very easy to use

Folder Size 4.2.0 is a great software and I would recommend this software for you. Get your own free copy from this link and install it as usual. It supports Windows 7 or Windows 10. Please visit the official website for more information.


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