Download Pinguy Builder 4.3.8 for Ubuntu

Here we provide the free download link for the latest version of Pinguy Builder version 4.3.8. Pinguy Builder is a simple GUI application that can remaster current running system (Ubuntu and derivatives) into Live CD iso. Furthermore you can use the ISO product to boot other computer with the exact settings and looks. Pinguy Builder supports Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04 as well.

pinguy builder

Pinguy Builder features:

  • Single package for Script and GUI.
  • EFI support including EFI partition on ISO.
  • Populate pool folder with grub-efi for offline installing.
  • Update grub entry with the named used for the CD label.
  • Uses XZ to compress the filesystem.squashfs for smaller ISO size.
  • Added MDM support (Linux Mint display manager).
  • Added GDM support (Gnome Shell display manager).

Pinguy Builder details:


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