Drive Snapshot 1.44, create full snapshot on Windows 10

Drive Snapshot is a simple application that can be used to create a disk snapshot under Windows. This program will take the snapshot while Windows is running. You can backup all files inside your drive. If anything happen to your computer for example crashes, attacked by viruses, you can easily restore them in matter of minute.

The new version of Drive Snapshot 1.44 is now available for download. You can try the full version of Drive Snapshot 1.44 for 14 days. After that, you must decided to purchase it or delete it since there will be no snapshot or backup can be executed. Drive Snapshot interface is very simple and straight forward. It also very lightweight and does not need to be installed.

drive snapshot 1.PNG

Drive Snapshot supports local drive and FTP Server to store the backup file. Unfortunately, it does not support Samba network drive.

drive snapshot 3.PNG

Download Drive Snapshot 1.44


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